Our Story

The Vision New America Foundation was founded in 1997 by a local cohort of Bay Area individuals who were inspired by community activism and advocacy for equal representation within the United States government. In the beginning, for nearly two decades, our main focus was on fostering the growth of individual youth leaders, by providing hands-on experience learning public policy and engaging our local communities and elected officials in social impact projects. Our signature Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement internship program trained and fostered the development of over 450 high school and college students to become individual leaders. During their program years, these core alumni served over 54,000 hours in elected officials' offices from Congressional to City Council; volunteered over 45,000 hours creating and enacting community impact projects; and registered and educated over 6,750 new voters. Our annual International Leadership Conference and Cross Cultural Exchange program is attended by college students and young professionals from three different countries and 28 cities

We currently fund, develop and support youth leadership programs that promote civic engagement and education on public policy and public health. We also provide nonprofit consultation services, fiscal-agency partnerships, educational enhancement grants, and various scholarships and stipends geared towards supporting our mission..


| august 3-5, 2018